Talangaha / Oil Palm Estate Overview

Talangaha – Oil palm estate consists of 1,725 ha and is situated in Nakiyadeniya, Udugama. Located 21 km from the Southern expressway, the estate has Oil palm and Tea cultivation. The cultivation of tea commenced in 1915 and oil palm in 1968. The first Oil Palm plant was planted at Nakiadeniya oil palm Estate on Digdola Division (Now known as MNC division) in a plot of 0.5 hectares way back in 1968 by Mr. Gerry Wells (the last British planter in Sri Lanka).

The estate is engaged in many social, technological and eco-friendly initiatives such as water conservation, activities to improve the health and wellbeing of the community, provision of education to the children on the estate geared to uplift the life standards of its associates and their dependents. The community is empowered and encouraged to contribute their ideas towards improving the estate productivity through community events.

A unique feature of this estate is the ponds that are maintained by the community which are home to a multitude of ornamental fish species.

General Facts


Southern / Galle / Udugama



Total Population



25 – 220 M


3,000 – 4,000 mm

Total Families


Contact Details


+94 (0) 91-4928320 (Office)


Talangaha Estate

Nakiadeniya, Sri Lanka.


Oil Palm (FFB)/Tea