Cinnamon, an exceptional spice of which tales of enchantment and natural healing have dominated conversations of rulers and regular folk alike is a truly Sri Lankan product that has been part of the heritage and glory of the emerald isle we call home. Ceylon cinnamon, known as ‘ true cinnamon ’ and ‘ pure cinnamon ’, is obtained from the bark of cinnamon zealanicum , an evergreen plant native to Sri Lanka. 90% of world production of true cinnamon originates from our island nation and has been at the epicenter of trade and foreign rule in ancient Ceylon. The best cinnamon from our country is grown in the south west corner of Sri Lanka along the stretch starting from Ambalangoda, Hikkaduwa all the way down to Matara. The main reason for this is because cinnamon plants thrive in the sandy soil and weather conditions in this region.


The very first cinnamon clearing for Watawala Plantations PLC was planted way back in 1997. At present the company has 44 hectares of cinnamon and it is processed in our own peeling and processing center located on Homadola Estate in Udugama, Galle. Our cinnamon is manufactured and packaged under stringent production quality parameters such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The core ingredients are grown, harvested and produced in the heart of our very own estate. We manufacture grades that include C4, H1, cinnamon powder, cinnamon chips – off grade and cinnamon oil. The production of something that is so uniquely Sri Lankan and intricately interwoven in the very fabric of our folklore and history is a source of immense pride to us as a truly Sri Lankan organization steeped in the values and history of this country.