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Situated in the Central Province of Nuwara-Eliya District to the furthest hilly forest range to the east, is Ouvahkellie Estate which also boarders Ambewela, which extents upto the Horton Plains Forest reserves.This Property was purchased by Mr.Goe.Smith in 1871 – 1872 in Jungle and was subsequently planted in Coffee and Chinchona. Tea in this Estate was first planted in the Year of 1880 and this Estate was for the first time absorbed into a Company in the Year 1895. The present Bungalow was built in 1907 and thereafter this Estate was bought over by Glasgow Estates Co.,Limited in1954 and was again vested under the Land Reform Commission on 15th October,1975. Thereafter it was acquired by Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation on 15th March,1976 and it was again deamalgamated on 1st February,1978 and was clusterised under the Janatha Estates Development Board (J27) on 1st October,1989. Subesequently it was declusterised and was acquired by the Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation on 1st May,1990. Finally this Estate was privatised under Watawala Plantations Limited on 18th June,1992 and was Managed by Lankem. Subsequently taken over by Watawala Plantations PLC.

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1648 to 1968 mm

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Ouvahkelle Estate

Lindula, Sri Lanka


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