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Friday, 21st July 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our key strength is our pursuit of excellence. We are perpetually moving towards adopting business practices that go even beyond the best practice. This is why our capital development initiatives are one step ahead of the pack and we intend to keep it that way. We believe firmly in constant innovation and bringing about that perpetual change from good to great.

We are committed to driving locally – relevant sustainable projects that give rise to economic opportunities to our community, improve quality of their life, enhancing their knowledge and foster goodwill within the communities surrounding and within our Estates. We ensure that those activities are focus driven and highly effective. In order to fulfill this, we ensure high commitment, investment of time effectively; get the support from many external Institutions including government Ministries and the financial aid from the Company and many NGOs and the Government Institutions.

We strive to achieve our corporate goals based on sustainable development, which from our point of view, rests on three pillars, namely, SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL & ECONOMIC goals of the company.
Watawala believes “human capital to be the driving force that will enable the Watawala family to be rated as the best managed plantation Company in South Asia”. We strive to create a culture that respects, accepts and recognize employee contribution to the success of the organization.

Sustainable development at Watawala is that which meets the needs of the present without compromising on the ability of future generations. We see it as - a system that connects space and time - a business approach that creates long term shareholder value that makes full use of available opportunities.

“We are not in the tea business serving people but, in the people's business serving tea". We highly believe in people’s power and the sense of community. Being the part of community, we take the responsibility of emerging it “Good to Great” by keeping the focus on inordinate cooperation.

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